A Brief Introduction to THULWR


Center for Literary Writing and Research, Tsinghua University

Office location: No.226 Meng Minwei Ren Wen Building, Tsinghua University


The Center for Literary Writing and Research at Tsinghua University (THULWR) was established on June 20th, 2017. The center is devoted to excellence in research and to promoting the development of humanities at Tsinghua University. Some important initiatives of the center include the setting up of “international literary workshops”which dedicated to literary creation and research with a global vision, conducting academic seminars, hosting a series of lectures,establishing the Zhu Ziqing Literature Prize at Tsinghua University, providing students with “literary writing guidance and advice”, the establishment of the centre's “open day” among other things; setting up an exchange platform for top scholars and writers all over the world, providing guidance to students at Tsinghua University who are passionate about literature, fostering and creating an excellent literary and artistic atmosphere on campus, helping to build a “humanist Tsinghua”, and continuing to provide new opportunities for the flourishment and prosperity of literature.

The honorary chairman of the center is Mo Yan, celebrated author and Nobel Laureate. The director of the center is Ge Fei, celebrated author, professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Tsinghua University and winner of the Mao Dun Literature Prize. The executive director is Jia Liyuan (Fei Dao), science fiction writer and assistant professor in thepDepartment of Chinese Language and Literature at Tsinghua University.